This site was primarily intended as a way of storing my jottings about walking around French and Belgian First World War sites, though it has broadened to include other ramblings and mutterings. The site is aimed at boring my family and friends but if you find anything interesting in my stravaigs,then thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hi Glen,
    I have noted your interest in researching Kallia Banna. He was my GGrandfather. I suspect that we are distant relations. I teach military social work at Texas A & M, so we also share an interest in military history as well.
    Hope to hear from you,

      • Hi Glen,
        I must apologize. I only just now read your response. My grandfather was James N. Banna. My grandmother was Joan Ingram. My mother was their only child, Joan Lyle Banna, a war bride who married my father, Johnce Parrish. I am interested in finding out more about the Banna’ s. My grandfather died when my mother was an infant. I will send you some photo’s. He served in the K.O.S.B. I would be grateful for any information that you may have on my grandfather, or ggrandfather, Kallia Banna, who also served in an artillery reg. I have a photo of James with his half-brother? “Sidney”? In uniform, probably early in the war. My email is attcoas@aol.com .
        I will look forward to hearing from you.
        Thank you, and again, sorry for the delayed reply.
        Brian Parrish

  2. Truly enjoyed visiting the blog, in particular your Edinburgh stories. Would love to hear more, perhaps you’d like to write a wee article for the magazine I contribute to- the Little Leither? Great stuff, keep it up.

  3. Great blog, loved the post on the 1939 Rosyth air raid. I am working on some new interpretation at Edinburgh Castle and am trying to track down images of either Helmut Pohle or Hans Sigmund Storp. Could you let me know where you found the pictures on your blog post (and any suggestions as to where more might lurk?). Thanks! Steve Farrar

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